The Benefits

solid wall insulation

Annual energy bills could save from £125 per year for a flat upto £425 per year for a detached home.

Properties suitable for solid wall insulation

  • Only properties with solid walls, rather than cavity walls can be fitted with solid wall insulation. This is normally seen in properties built before 1920 and you can identify a solid wall home as the brick work will have an alternating pattern, with some bricks laid across the wall so you can see the smaller ends from the outside.
  • In contrast cavity walls will have bricks laid in an even pattern with all the bricks laid lengthways.

  • If you’re unsure or your brickwork has been covered one of our experienced assessors can visit your home and carry out an inspection to determine the type of wall your home is built with.

How it works

The insulation materials wraps around the brick work acting as a heavy coat for your home and trapping the heat inside.

don't wait, apply today

The grant is only available until April 2022 so hurry if you don’t want to miss out on FREE room-in-roof insulation for your home. 

Have any questions?

Is it really free?

Yes. If you qualify, any work undertaken in your home is 100% free. You won’t be asked for any money and we won’t undertake the work if you do not qualify.

How do I know this is not a scam?

Green Key Installations is an approved supplier as part of the Eco4 scheme and you can find us on the approved supplier database by visiting Installer Profile – Green Deal ORB (beis.gov.uk)